My child

What does my child need to bring?

When you book your place at camp, you will fill out information that will inform us of any physical, social or medical needs your child may have.

On the day you should bring: 

- packed lunch with plenty of snacks and water
(we run a “nut-free” policy, so please no food containing nuts)

- a change of clothes, especially in the warm weather when children may wish to get out of there costumes

We recommend in the hot weather to supply an ice cooler/pack in their

My child is a little shy, will they be ok at camp?

We understand children are all totally different from each other but we also know that all children thrive in a caring and nurturing environment. At camp we create a really warm atmosphere where all children are made to feel super welcome and included.

The magical nature of our camp tends to alleviate any nerves the children may have, from the moment they walk through the doors and see all the wonderful leaders dressed up!

What if my child is upset when I leave them at camp?

All children who attend really do love our camp, but we know there can be times
when a child may feel reluctant to let their parent go at the start, especially if it’s their first time.

If this occurs, a parent may stay around initially for 5 minutes or so but then we would recommend
you leave your child in our very capable hands.

We are very experienced and 99% of the time this will result in your child very quickly settling in and the rest of their day. We fully appreciate it’s not nice to leave your child like this, but in our experience,
their reluctance is mostly due to them being overwhelmed rather than truly upset. Once they see the day unfolding and how much all the other kids are loving it too, they really do find themselves having a wonderful time!

In the highly unlikely event your child does not settle at camp, we will of course contact you.

Leaders and Staff

Who runs the camp?

Kate and Ben are the leaders of camp and have extensive experience of working with children.

They are assisted by a team of brilliant staff. Anyone who works at camp will have undergone a thorough interview and vetting process and have an advanced DBS check. 

Most of the staff who work with Kate and Ben are also teachers or entertainers themselves.

Illness or accidents at camp

What if my child feels ill or has an accident at camp?

Demo ContentWe are totally prepared at camp and always have qualified first aiders who are able to deal very effectively with minor incidents or health concerns, such as small knocks or grazes and so on.

An accident form is always filled out and a parent is notified upon collecting their child. Should a child suffer a more serious injury or fall ill during camp, you will be notified immediately.

My child is ill and cannot come to camp?

Unfortunately if a child is knowingly ill then out of fairness to our other attendees, we are unable to accept them. We are not talking about minor sniffles or a little cough, but are referring to sickness and general ill health.

We leave it up to parents to make that judgement call, but we do have the right to send a child home if we feel they are too ill to attend. Luckily we have never had to do this before.

If a child has an on going condition and requires medication, please supply this in a well labelled
container and give directly to a member of staff when dropping off your child. You will also have to fill out a medication form, as well as the standard booking form.


How do I make a booking?

All bookings are made via the booking section of the website.

For any further info please contact us...

- emailing info@partyonacloud.co.uk
- calling Kate or Ben on 07989302191 | 07984071535

Can I change which dates my child attends after I�ve booked?

We understand plans can change and things unexpectedly crop up. You are able to change which date your child is attending as long as you give us 7 days notice by email.

Eg you child is attending on Tuesday 26th July and you wish to change to Thursday 28th July.

You will have to inform us 7 days prior to their original booked date (26th July), so we will need notification on or before the 19th July.

Cancelation policy

In order to receive a full refund you must inform us of your intention to cancel via email 14 days before your child’s attendance date.

Safety Policies

What safety polices do you have in place at camp?

At Party on a Cloud we have an extensive camp policy, which outlines
our protocols, safety procedures and ethos across a number of categories -

- Staff recruitment
- Safety of the venue and equipment both in and outdoors
- Daily safe guarding and risk assessments
- Toilet procedures
- Food policies
- Fire safety and evacuation procedures
- Medication
- Accident and sickness
- Child protection polices

Our entire safe guarding policy had to be supplied and looked over by
Newberries School before we were permitted to use their facility.

For a full breakdown please click - Party On A Cloud Camp Policy

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